SNQ Award - ible Airvida - Wearable Air Purifier

ible Airvida wins Silver Awards at 2019 SNQ (Symbol of National Quality)

ible Airvida C1 wearable air purifier was certified by SNQ national quality and earned “Silver Awards” on epidemic prevention category at 2019 SNQ ceremony. SNQ is the national biomedical certification in Taiwan (R.O.C.); it requires scientific evidences as well as formal examination reports to be verified by most influential experts from various professional fields. As such when any product is verified by SNQ standards, it is definitely recognized as safe and effective to consumers. ible Airvida C1, designed specifically for child in 2019, is thus proved to be a safe and effective epidemic prevention product. Moreover, this award highly recognizes ible’s effort on improving air quality and child health in recent years.


ible Airvida air purifier can consistently generate 2 million negative ions/cm3, 100 times of the amount concentrated by a natural waterfall, around your face in every 0.6 second. With ible’s unique “Breathing Pathway Eco Ion Technology”, those numerous negative ions can efficiently make the airborne particles, including PM2.5 (99.9% removal rate), allergens, pollen, and bacteria (>90% removal rate) drop to the ground and thus reduce the possibility of those particles being inhaled.


ible Airvida series are all certified by professional laboratories, including SGS, Japan Association of Ion Research, and Far Infrared Association (Japan), for their air purifying ability. On top of that, ible Airvida series also comply with CE, European regulations on ozone and radiation safety.


Considering the growing air pollution issue, ible Airvida series are undoubtedly the perfect solutions for outdoor activities such as exercises, jogging, bus/public transportation, or long staying at office/school, etc.