Airvida L1

Airvida L1 is a trendy wearable air purifier with patented double-vent design. This ergonomic design consistently generates 2,000,000 negative ions/cm3, 100 times more than natural forest ion concentration, to purify PM2.5, pollen, and smoke around your face. It weighs only 70g thus very comfortable to wear, with presentable elegance. A perfect solution to improve air quality outdoors or in office, car, restaurant, public transportation, etc.


Removal rate
99.9 %


Removal rate
99.0 %


Removal rate
96.8 %


Personal Protection, Anytime & Anywhere

Hay Fever

Crowded Indoor Spaces Metro Station

Public Transportations

Small Meeting Rooms


Pet Hairs Allergy


Airborne particles (including PM2.5, formaldehyde (CHO), allergic substance such as smoke, dust mite, pollen, and pet dander) are extremely harmful to health condition.
Airvida L1 can effectively eliminate airborne particles by generating 2 million negative ions per second to attach these particles, turning them into bigger & heavier chunks and thus falling to the ground.
Like an invisible mask, these numerous negative ions will protect you from breathing in those pollutants.

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Ultra Low Ozone

Not only focusing on health protection, Airvida L1 also cares for your safety. According to the independent certificate lab test result, Airvida L1’s ozone is only 0.006ppm. Comparing to European Commission standard, 0.006ppm is just 10% to the limitation.

Extreme Low Radiation and Electronic Current

Airvida L1 complies with CE safety, health and environmental requirements,. Its radiation is far below regulatory limit and the electric current is as low to 4-6μA (only 0.01% to the level of harmful electric current).

Anti-allergy and Vegan

Airvida L1 applies silicon material which is widely used in medical instrument to avoid skin allergy. Also vegan.

Zero Noise

No fans design makes Airvida L1’s sound level nearly to 0 dB, much quieter than reading in a library (40 dB). A high quality life should contain not only clean air, but noiseless environment.


2,000,000 Negative Ions/cm3

100 times more than natural negative ion concentration

32 hours Long Life Battery

Incredibly small built-in battery keeps you worry-free for days.

Super Lightweight

Dedicated efforts had been made to achieve the lightweight.

USB Rechargeable

The most common way of recharging for your convenience.

Ergonomic Bracket

Flexible bracket provides comfortable wearing.

Perfect Balance

Airvida L1 is carefully weighted for wearing balance.

No Further Supplies

Self sustainable design only requires simple regular cleaning.

Silent Operation

Fanless design for pleasant, noise-free operation.


Weight: 70g (0.15 lb)
Dimension: 16.9 x 13.3 x 6.1 cm (6.7 x 5.2 x 2.4 in)
Power: Built-in battery, rechargeable via micro USB
Operating Ambient Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Relative Humidity: 30 to 85% noncondensing
Ion Generation: 2,000,000 negative ions/cm3
Warranty: 1 year
Colors: Space Black / Pearl White / Soft Pink

ible Airvida C1_wearable air purifier (yellow)