Airvida M1

Airvida M1 is the smallest air purifier around the world. It’s only 20g and easily worn with a titanium necklace or a collar clip for daily clothing. Putting on its charging dock, Airvida M1 can become an elegant desktop air purifier.

Airvida M1 constantly creates 2,000,000 negative ions/cm3, 100 times more than natural forest ion concentration, to purify PM2.5, pollen, and smoke around your face. It’s a perfect solution to improve air quality outdoor or in office, car, restaurant, public transportation, etc.


Removal rate ¹
99.7 %


Removal rate ²
99.9 %

Pollen (Allergens)

Removal rate ³
99.9 %


Removal rate ⁴
99.9 %


Removal rate ⁵
95.25 %

Far Infrared

Emissivity ⁶
86.4 %

1 Refer to the official test report EIDD-ID Core-2021008-006-002-R from National Biotechnology Research Park (Taiwan). The test virus is human coronavirus 229E (HCoV-229E; ATCC VR-740).
2 Refer to the official test report 218S-873 from Japan Far Infrared Association.
3 Refer to the official test report 219S-981 from Japan Far Infrared Association.
4 Refer to the official test report 2020_0031 from Japan Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science. The test virus is Escherichia coli phage MS2 NBRC 102619.

5 Refer to the official test report STI-20190606-014N from Sci-tech Innovation.
6 Refer to the official test report 2181757 from Japan Far Infrared Association.


Titanium, widely used in medical devices and as known for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory purposes, can be worn with Airvida M1 in your daily life. Through Airvida M1, 2 million negative ions are created around your face to attach airborne particles (including PM2.5, formaldehyde (CH2O), allergic substance such as smoke, dust mite, pollen, and pet dander), turning them into bigger & heavier chunks and thus falling to the ground. Like an invisible mask, these numerous negative ions will effectively eliminate airborne particles and protect you from breathing in air pollutants.

Use it Wherever You Are

Easy wear with titanium necklace/collar clip, or put on the desktop charging dock indoors.

ible Airvida M1 With Titanium Necklace Black

▲ Titanium Necklace

ible Airvida M1 With Collar Clip

▲ Collar Clip

ible Airvida Desktop Night Stand

▲ Desktop

Virus in the air

Pollen/ Pet dander/ Allergens

City smog

Meeting room/ Office

Test Video

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Ultra Low Ozone

Not only focusing on health protection, Airvida M1 also cares for your safety. According to the independent certificate lab test result, Airvida M1’s ozone is only 0.006ppm. Comparing to European Commission standard, 0.006ppm is just 10% to the limitation.

Extreme Low Radiation and Electronic Current

Airvida M1 complies with CE safety, health and environmental requirements,. Its radiation is far below regulatory limit and the electric current is as low to 4-6μA (only 0.01% to the level of harmful electric current).

Anti-allergy and Vegan

Airvida M1 applies PU material which is widely used in clothing to avoid skin allergy. According to SGS certification, no formaldehyde (CH2O), azo, and plasticizer is detected in Airvida M1’s PU material. Besides, Airvida M1 is also vegan product.

Zero Noise

No fans design makes Airvida M1’s sound level nearly to 0 dB, much quieter than reading in a library (40 dB). A high quality life should contain not only clean air, but noiseless environment.


2,000,000 Negative Ions/cm3

100 times more than natural negative ion concentration

28 hours Long Life Battery

Incredibly small but sustainable built-in battery lasts for 28 hours.

20g Super Lightweight

Dedicated efforts had been made to achieve the amazing lightweight.

Increase Circulation

Far infrared emission by titanium necklace activates blood circulation and metabolism.

Benefit of Titanium

Widely used in medical devices for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory purposes.

Use It Wherever You Are

Easy wear with titanium necklace/collar clip, or put on the desktop charging dock indoors.

No Further Supplies

Self sustainable design only requires simple regular cleaning.

Silent Operation

Fanless design for pleasant, noise-free operation.

Testimonial from a surgeon

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Weight: 20g (0.04lb)
Dimension: 5.7×2.0x1.4cm (2.2×0.8×0.6 in)
Power: Built-in battery, 28 hours operation on a single charge
Operating Ambient Temperature: 0°C to 40°C
Relative Humidity: 30~85%
Ion Generation: 2,000,000 negative ions/cm³
Accessory: Charging dock (with USB cable and adaptor), titanium necklace, collar clip
Titanium Necklace Style: Intrecciato/ Normcore
Titanium Necklace Style: 45/ 50cm (17.7/ 19.7 in)
Color: Space Black/ Pearl White

ible Airvida C1_wearable air purifier (yellow)
ible Airvida C1 x Hello Kitty_wearable air purifier