Selangor International Pitch - ible Airvida - Wearable Air Purifier

Earn international recognition! ible won 3rd prize at Selangor International Pitch

Held at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC), the Selangor Smart City & Digital Economy Convention 2018 reached to its climax on Sep. 14th. As many audiences hold their breath and stared carefully at the stage, the host announced the prizes of Selangor International Pitch . Airvida, the wearable purifier product designed by ible Tech, earned 3rd place and recognition for our outstanding work.


“It’s a brilliant idea! Air pollution is becoming severe these years in Malaysia. It could be very harmful for sensitive people outside of the protection of an air purifier at home. The solution is in absence until we heard of Airvida, which makes a wearable air purifier efficient and good-looking. We are glad that Airvida are tackling these issues and improving peoples’ health”, commented by the host. On top of praises from the host, some local agents even took initiative to propose a partnership with ible Tech.


To be honest, we are not surprised since we always devoted to every step of product development – from market research, technology to design. The result is satisfactory. Airvida M1, the latest product, works like a guardian that can protect customer from PM2.5, pollen, formaldehyde and bacteria near the mouth and nose with a circle up to 15cm in diameter. 200,000 ions/cc are constantly being released every 0.6 second to ensure the air being breathed is clean and fresh.


Not only are we proud of the functionality M1 provides but also the practical and delightful designs. Considering long time usage, the device is optimized to condense the volume and to reduce the weight. Besides, the incredible fashionable design is customized to create an agile and professional image. Airvida M1 is ready to be the daily assistant to customers’ health management, as well as solves the nasty symptoms of allergies.


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