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Suffer from headache for a while? It could be caused by air pollution

According to a study conducted by vice principal of Kaohsiung Medical University,  PM10, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and ozone concentration could increase up to 5%~23% more people visiting clinic because of headache.

Air pollution can lead to headache. Some people may absorb too much emission from factories or vehicles, especially the regions where the air quality is often in bad condition.

Let’s take a look at Kiki’s review and see if Airvida has alleviated the headache.

Indoor air quality could be monitored since there are air purifier and dehumidifier; however, when you are outside from home, it’s impossible to bring two heavy instruments along. To solve the problem, ible team develops Airvida, wearable air purifier. It is super light and practical. It reduce the amount of emissions users absorb, even smaller particulate matters, such as PM2.5.


How do negative ions purify the air?

Negative ions attach to particles, such as smoke, dust, bacteria, allergens and pollen, making these hazardous airborne particles negatively charged. Thus, the negative charged particles bond together, becoming larger and heavier. Eventually, they fall to the ground. In such way, our noses will be prevented from breathing in these airborne particles.


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