ible Airvida SNQ 2020

ible Airvida has been awarded first prize again at the 2020 SNQ Awards! (Symbol of National Quality)

SNQ is the highest level award of national biomedical certification in Taiwan (R.O.C). The award is strictly audited by the most influential experts to ensure that consumers can have access to the most effective, safe and healthy products.


SNQ recently announced the winners of 2020, it is no surprise, ible Airvida has won first prize again in the epidemic prevention category. Ible Airvida’s exclusive innovative design and a number of international safety certifications is favored by the reviewers.


The experts and judges of SNQ particularly appreciate the innovative spirit of the ible Airvida M1, which meets the market’s demand for wearable products. As the world’s lightest wearable air purifier, it can release 100 times more negative ions than a forest waterfall in the facial area, reducing particulate matter and harmful substances potentially inhaled by users.


Simultaneously, Airvida M1 provides a series of complete empirical data reports and possesses the scientific supports from SGS, JAIRA, FIA, and KRCES, proving high efficacy of air cleansing and the safety of produced substances. During the 2020 epidemic, ible Airvida provides consumers with an effective and relieving method of protection.


ible Airvida is the lightest wearable air purifier which is invented and manufactured in Taiwan. Besides from obtaining patent licenses from multiple countries, Airvida also passed the certification from FCC and CE, proving its complete safety of generated electromagnetic waves, ozone, and electric current. The product team did not only win first place at the Singapore SLINGSHOT innovation contest, it also won the CES INNOVATION award in the USA. ible Airvida is currently fast-selling in more than ten countries, such as Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, and France, providing international consumers with an extra protection method aside from masks during this epidemic era!