ible Airvida UNAIDS Coronavirus Innovation Map

ible Airvida Is Recognized by StartupBlink (UNAIDS)’s Coronavirus Innovation Map

2020 is a year of uncertainties which Covid-19 substantially disturbed the whole world. It can be observed that people paid more and more attention on their health and safety. ible Airvida, the smallest air purifier over the world, applies ible’s unique Breathing Pathway Eco Ion Technology which can make its negative ions stay around user’s face. Equipping with outstanding efficacy, Airvida can protect users from airborne allergens, virus, bacteria, PM2.5, and VOC.


Airvida was certified by leading labs such as SGS, Kisato Research Center for Environmental Science (Japan) and Japan Far Infrared Rays Association (JIRA) for a series of testing results incuding PM2.5, pollen, VOC, and bacteria removal tests. Regarding the virus test, Airvida was also certified by US leading institutions –  Microchem Laboratory. The result proved that Airvida can reduce 96.31% airborne virus in just 60 seconds!


Due to its outstanding virus removal capability, Airvida was recommended by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA, under the Ministry of Science and Technology, R.O.C.) to StartupBlink (UNAIDS, under the United Nations) and soon be recognized on their Coronavirus Innovation Map. The purpose of this Innovation Map is to introduce creative new technologies to help those people who suffer from coronavirus pandemic.


In addition to the honor by StartupBlink, Airvida earned the 1st place on epidemic prevention category at 2019 & 2020 SNQ ceremony. SNQ (Symbol of National Quality) is the national biomedical certification in Taiwan (R.O.C.); It requires scientific evidences as well as formal examination reports to be verified by most influential experts from various professional fields.


According to a study from University of Cincinnati, the penetration rate of virus to a surgical mask is from 21% to 85%. It demonstrates a fact that the protection provided by surgical mask itself is not enough. During the pandemic, Airvida can work with surgical mask and act as an additional layer of protection to prevent people from virus. That is the reason why Airvida can be TTA’s only one recommendation of wearable air purifier to StartupBlink. Sincerely, both ible and TTA hope this new technology can help more people fight against the terrible COVID-19 pandemic.


Coronavirus Innovation Map can be referred as the following link: https://coronavirus.startupblink.com/innovations/ible-technology-inc