Ringolf introduces ible Airvida L1 to avoid hay fever discomfort

Ringolf, a club for women golf lovers in Japan, introduces ible Airvida L1 to their members before the approaching hay fever season. The introducing video from Ringolf can be found in below link:

During the hay fever season, playing golf maybe not that happy for some golf lovers. That’s why Ringolf introduces Airvida L1 to their members: Airvida L1’s numerous negative ions can decrease the pollen amount users breathing in and relieve the discomfort from fever allergy.


According to Far Infrared Association (Japan)’s PM2.5 removal test report, Airvida L1 can make 99.9% PM2.5 dropped to the ground. The mechanism is that negative ions will attach to the airborne particles, turning them into bigger & heavier chunks and thus falling to the ground. Since a pollen is 16 times larger than a PM2.5 particle (larger and heavier), negative ions are even more effective in removing pollen and thus relieving allergy symptoms.