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Keep the doctor away! Prevent 99.9% of allergens is much practical

Thanks for netizens from Hong Kong. Let’s take a look at what Jo’s would like to share!

“I also tried to go completely without puffing Serotide, even that is fine (no asthma signs)

I haven’t discussed this with the lung-specialist doctor yet, simply because I didn’t go back because … no symptoms anymore…”

Friends from Hong Kong  are very supportive, Jo says he has no symptoms even without taking anti-allergic medicine. Moreover, he doesn’t have to make a return visit.

So far, allergies cannot be cured with current medical technology. The best way to get away with allergies is to prevent it from happen. Airvida is designed based on the idea.

Common allergens include dust mite and pollen. Negative ions will attach to these airborne particles, making them negatively charged. These negatively charged particles could bond with positively charged particles.  Thus, those particles become larger, heavier, and fall to the ground. In this way, our nose won’t inhale those airborne particles easily.

Airvida can eliminate pollen by 99.9% as well as smaller particles like PM2.5. To prevent allergies, Airvida could be of great help.

Try Airvida air purifier by yourself!

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