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Keep pets and stop having allergies!? With “it,” you can have both!

Thanks to the reviews from fans of Airvida. Let’s take a look at what Ms. Cheng would like to share with us!

A friend of mine is a cat person but she is seriously allergic to dander. Therefore, she turns on the air purifier at home all the time to prevent from allergies.

Why do I need a wearable air purifier?

Aside from keeping users from allergies at home, wearable air purifier could offer great protection when you are away from home. Since Airvida is super light, you can carry on when you go to vets, pet restaurants, parks and MRT with pets. It’s like you have a invisible mask always with the users.


The effectiveness has been proved by many netizens. Negative ions could reduce the amount of allergens breathed inside to the lungs.

How do negative ions purify the air?

Negative ions attach to particles, such as smoke, dust, bacteria, allergens and pollen, making these hazardous airborne particles negatively charged. Thus, the negative charged particles bond together, becoming larger and heavier. Eventually, they fall to the ground. In such way, our noses will be prevented from breathing in these airborne particles.


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