Airvida – Wearable Air Purifier

Virus removal rate meets 96.31% in 1 minute

(Microchem Laboratory, US)


Testing result of Airvida virus removal rate by authoritative laboratory





.Airvida removes 96.31% of virus from the air in one minute 1
(Microchem Laboratory, US)


.Airvida removes 99.9% of virus from the air 2
(Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science, Japan)


Refer to the official test report NG15574 from Microchem Laboratory. The test virus is MS2 Bacteriophage, ATCC 15597-B1.

2 Refer to the official test report 2020_0031 from Japan Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science. The test virus is Escherichia coli phage MS2 NBRC 102619.

ible Airvida_病毒去除 Microchem Lab報告

According to a study by the University of Cincinnati, the penetration rate of the virus to N95 is >5%.
Airvida wearable air purifier enhances protection and reduces the inhalation of more than 96.31% of viruses in one minute, reducing the suspension of viruses near the nose and mouth.

Ible Airvida_enhance-protection

Do you know?



Long-term exposure to a polluted environment will increase the mortality rate of COVID-19.

An increase of 1 microgram per cubic meter of PM2.5 will increase the fatality rate of patients with the new coronavirus by 15%.



Sources from (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health)

International laboratory certification report

ible Airvida_Virus Removal Rate


Official test report from Japan Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science
ible Airvida_Pollen Removal Rate


Official test report from Japan Far Infrared Association
ible Airvida_PM2.5 Removal Rate


Official test report from Japan Far Infrared Association
ible Airvida_CH2O Removal Rate


ible Airvida_Bacterial Removal Rate


SGS & Sci-tech Innovation

How does Airvida purify the air?

ible Airvida_呼吸路徑生態離子技術(1)

Airborne particles including
PM2.5, PM10, pollen,
formaldehyde, secondhand smoke, pet dander

ible Airvida_呼吸路徑生態離子技術(2)

Airvida generates negative ions
Airvida generates 2 million negative ions every 0.6 seconds around the user’s facial area

ible Airvida_呼吸路徑生態離子技術(3)

Negative ions will attach the particles within close proximity
Turning them into bigger & heavier chunks and thus falling to the ground

Virus in the air

Pollen / Allergens


Pet dander

International recognition

ible Airvida_CES Innovation Awards
ible Airvida_Symbol of National Quality In Taiwan


ible Airvida_外科林醫師

Have an extra layer of protection for your health beside wearing mask

I chose to use Airvida because I want to have extra protection for my respiratory tract since the effect of prolonged exposure to air pollution, especially at high levels, can lead to serious conditions including stroke and lung cancer. Airvida products are certified and tested by leading laboratori…

Dr. Lin

Division of Plastic Surgery
ible Airvida_雪仁藥局_徐藥師

Significant difference between wearing and not wearing!

I have severe nasal allergy so I have to take one Antihistamine every night in order to prevent it acting up in the morning. After wearing Airvida for a month, my allergic symptoms have gradually reduced and the frequence for medication has also reduced from daily to only when needed!

Phar. Hsu

ible Airvida_家醫科醫師_謝醫師

Symptoms of nasal swelling are reduced after wearing Airvida!

The most effective ways to prevent allergic reactions are reduce the chance of inhaling, contacting, and ingesting allergens. It is very hard for me to stop symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion, and difficulty breathing when my allergy is triggered. After wearing Airvida, I see a significant…

Dr. Hsieh

Division of Family Medicine
ible Airvida_仁康藥局_莊藥師

We deserve to have better air quality!

My daughter suffers from severe allergy. She is constantly sneezing while doing homework and studying and it is very hard for her to concentrate due to her allergic symptoms when triggered. After using Airvida, her symptoms has also improved significantly.

Phar. Chuang

ible Airvida_Lab Reports

Official Testing Result

Learn More About Airvida

Airvida M1 -
Smallest multifunctional air purifier

ible Airvida M1_穿戴式負離子空氣清淨機

Airvida C1-
Designed for kids aged 3 to 10

ible Airvida C1_穿戴式負離子空氣清淨機

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Designed for trendy life

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