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Air quality is worse X times indoors! Research shows

As winter approaches, it’s becoming colder that everyone begin to put on a jacket. People close the window to keep cold winds outside; however, do you know indoor air can be deadlier than outdoor air?

As Science of Total Environment shows, there are actually more sources of pollution that can dirty up the air indoors, such us dust mite, dander, smoke, varnishes and even carcinogen such as VOC. When the windows are closed, the room could be poorly ventilated. To roughly estimate, indoor air quality is about 5 times worse.

Doctor Lin who specializes in asthma and other respiratory diseases said: ” There are usually not much space in the room. Contaminants could easily accumulate.” No wonder why allergy patients are 6 times as many in the winter.

In the city, people actually spend 90% percent of time indoor. Airvida are designed for these occasions. It can be wore when you are at home, in your office or on the subway. Let’s take a look at the office worker, Mr. Cheng’s, reviews.

“It feels like sitting in a cabin. I am allergic to airborne particles, which makes sneezing all the time.”

“After a friend recommended Airvida, gradually the sneezes stop.”

We are glad that products from ible team could be of great help! Even if users are not at home, paper-light and long-last power makes Airvida suitable for long-time use.

How do negative ions purify the air?

Negative ions attach to particles, such as smoke, dust, bacteria, allergens and pollen, making these hazardous airborne particles negatively charged. Thus, the negative charged particles bond together, becoming larger and heavier. Eventually, they fall to the ground. In such way, our noses will be prevented from breathing in these airborne particles.


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Indoor air can be deadlier than outdoor air, research shows


Translation of the post:

I work in the office and I have to get along with air conditioning the whole day. The outdoor air is kept outside, so no contaminants from the outdoor. However, sitting indoors for a long time feels like sitting in a cabin. The air quality seems to be poor. I am allergic to airborne , which makes me sneeze all the time. My colleagues often make fun of it.

About a month ago, a friend recommended me to use Airvida. At first, I was suspicious about the effect. Anyway, I leave the switch on on the desk. Recently, some colleagues  become curious about my condition and ask me: “You haven’t sneeze much lately. Why is that?” Then, I come to a surprise that my condition indeed has been improved. Glancing at Airvida flashing little blue light, I found it so adorable. Now, it is constantly by my side, and I can’t help but saying: “Thank you, my friend!”