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“Swear to Grandpa’s name!” by an satisfied netizen!

“Swear to Gradpa’s name, I didn’t get payed to write about this post.”

“It has been a week, I merely sneeze or have swelling eyes.

Able to breathe easily  and full of energy every morning after I wake up.”

We are grateful to the compliments shown by the fan. It was a surprise when ible found about this post.

Tiffany is seriously allergic to dust mite and fine dust, even to pet hair, which troubles her very much. She is a cat person!

She said she suffers from asthma when she cough a lot. However, after using Airvida air purifier, the conditions has been improved much. No sneezing or swelling eyes every morning.

“The power supply lasts about 30 hours. I carry Airvida with me around the clock unless for shower. The weight and noise is barely noticeable. ” It is super-light and the power last for a long time.

How do negative ions purify the air?

Negative ions attach to particles, such as smoke, dust, bacteria, allergens and pollen, making these hazardous airborne particles negatively charged. Thus, the negative charged particles bond together, becoming larger and heavier. Eventually, they fall to the ground. In such way, our noses will be prevented from breathing in these airborne particles.

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